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Kaledo Style And Textile Design
Kaledo Style Adapting trends and colors for a season,creating new designs and combining styles with colors and fabrics are all in a day’s work for fashion designers. Designs are now generated faster and faster, with more collections produced than ever before. Designers have to develop more concepts, styles and products, all the while working under enormous pressure. They must react quickly to changing trends and communicate
The strengths of the solution: • A pattern-making solution created specifically for the apparel sector, suitable for all kinds of garment and businesses of any type or size: brands and retail companies, manufacturers, subcontractors, and service bureaus. • Optimization of all stages in pattern development: creation and modification, industrialization, grading in all sizes, verification, and pre-production. • The possibility of exchanging garment information among the various par
Diamino Fashion
Diamino Fashion is the most powerful software for making efficient nesting at the costing, prototyping, material purchase, and production stages. It can be used to easily create more markers for all types of models and fabrics, and guarantees a constant, high level of nesting efficiency.