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Versalis - series
Entirely dedicated to medium and mass production runs, Versalis Furniture 1H-S meets your specific needs in terms of productivity and reliability for cutting leather. Ensuring better control of material consumption, so saving materials and reducing global costs, Versalis is the perfect solution for optimizing your overall production and boosting your competitiveness.
PLF- DZ series
The PLF Double Zone is the first solution perfectly adapted to small and medium furniture manufacturers. It is the most simple, comprehensive and efficient full hide and fabric cutting solution available on the market. It fulfills key needs in terms of material savings, productivity, quality and versatility within a constantly changing design environment that requires the greatest possible flexibility. The PLF-DZ’s advanced technology and its wide range of associated services make it one of th
Design concept 2D – series
A complete 3D/2D CAD solution dedicated to the furniture industry, the Design Concept Furniture software suite is designed for developing upholstered furniture products and covers all processes, from design and sample making through product development and manufacturing.
Diamino Furniture
Diamino Furniture is the most powerful software for making efficient markers at the costing, prototyping, material purchase, and production stages. It can be used to easily create more markers for all types of models and fabrics, and guarantees a constant, high level of marker efficiency, for better quality and higher margins.
Formaris Furniture
Formaris Furniture provides pattern makers with a powerful solution for industrializing patterns more quickly and for developing an ever greater number of variants. Time spent on pre-production is thus reduced without compromising high quality standards.