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Special Features The traditional piping strip-cutting machine can only cut the knitting cloth. Through our research for many years, this auto piping strip cutting machine is able to cut any kind of cloth into a 45¢Xpiping strip for applying to the production of dress, shirt, children's garment, T-shirt, etc. for promoting production efficiency and accuracy.
Application Accurately cut the pattern of fabrics. Features ¡G Adjustable speed to fit the different fabrics. With special blower decreases resistance between fabrics and table, which enables the fabrics be moved easily and be cut precisely. Grinding stone Device to keep the knife sharp. Use the silicone rubber on the wheels to avoid the knife wavy and extend duration of the knife. Easy to replace the knife for users. Cleaning Device to keep the knife c
Application Suitable for cutting all kinds of materials. Advantage Easy to operation for cutting in safe and Beautiful outward appearance. Stronger horsepower to effectively shear the cloth and leather into desired thickness. . Even and accurate cutting to save material and time. Automatic counting and sharpening device. Cutting range from 36" to 108" is are available.