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Application: ●Suitable for attaching elastic tape to the waist of trunks, boxers and similar garments. Optional Device: ●PMD:Lower Feed Metering Device. ●UTG:Pneumatic Under Bed Thread Trimming Device. ●TB004:Reinforce Tape Attaching Device. ●AL004:Presser Foot Lifting Device.
Application: ● Knit underwear,brief, sports wear--- etc. Light to medium weight material. Features: ● For general plain seaming,can be equipped with various attachments for different sewing operations. ● General bottom hemming device is supplied as standard Attachment,for bottom hemming operation on general medium weight fabric.
Application: ● For general safety stitch operation on medium to heavy weight materials. ● Woven shirts,trousers etc. Optional Device: ● US-040:under suction type thread trimmer. *Above device(s) should be applied together with one of the following vacuum/venturi devices.. ● SV-001:Vacuum device.(blower motor with drum & hose) ● SV-002:Vacuum device. (blower motor & waste basket compacted in one iron case) ● CV-08:Venturi device. (whenever compressed air is