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1 Needle 3 Thread Cylinder Bed Overlock Machine with Metering Device and Tape Dispenser Upon release of this new model, 2 different type of metering device control : “MC” and “2 function (=no MC)” become one type “MA” only. Appearance of control panel is similar to “MC”, but switchable into “2 function” by chaging setting of control panel. Tape dispenser, the function that AEF-31 played, is packaged: no need for users to purchase AEF or Racing additionally. The ta
General overlock machine:There is risk of the oil leakage though productivity is high. The reason is...oil is given to mechanical parts without sufficient measure to prevent leakage. Dry(Semi-dry)machine:Grease is used on needle bar and upper looper. Enough lubrication doesn’t spread in each part as grease is solid. That’s why, it is not possible to get high-speed. Dry(Semi-dry)machine:Grease doesn’t circulate as needle bar and upper looper are sealed. Therefore,there is a probl
FD-62G ◎Presser Foot Floating System This system ensures smooth feeding of various fabric:from single jersey to fleece, stretchable and uneven thickness portion. Besides, overlapping amount of upper/lower fabric is easily adjustable. ◎Small Cylinder Cylinder circumference at the needle dropping point is 148mm.The small cylinder enables small tubular operations. Also, long cylinder of 200mm before needle dropping point provides a wide operation space. ◎Thread Eyelets Unique design
2-3 Needle Unique "Streamline" Cylinder bed Interlock stitch Machine "Streamline" speeds up bottle-neck operations!!! Stress-free loading, handling & unloading contributes higher productivity!! Your "New Standard" Interlock Machine is out From Fleece to Microfiber "Active Thread Control" helps widening your applicability for different sewing condition requirements, including 200%+stretch seam!!
◎Higher Productivity:Giving pre-set tension to elastic tape, feeding tape from either roll or box, cancel fabric trimmer for overlap, machine stop after overlap, cutting tape while saving excess, thread trimming, inserting tape for next piece. All these works are done automatically. Operator is just required to load, handle and unload the works. ◎Better Quality: “Dimple”happens when using traditional interlock machine due to uneven cutting. While you can get straight raw edge and f