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2300 - series
Sewing Stations may be changed by the operator within one minute! You may change lockstitch against chainstitch or against Blindstitch The 2300+ is intelligent enought to remember the last operation with the docked station - and you may start with the same adjustment again. Even with electronic Pullers - unreached IMPULSA design.
2100 + 2200 -series
2100 series is equipped with solid, approved quality sewing heads of Pegasus and PFAFF. Pegasus sewing machines are one of the best worldwide equipped with a transport behind the needle they offer a puckering-free sewing result. You can use the 2100 for very fine and also for thick fabrics, even velvet.
Sewing hooks - series
This sewing place was developed by Impulsa by using the well-tried sewing heads either Brother or Juhi or Pfaff on demand of he customer and the special experience of our representative in the Netherlands.
Pleating & sewing mcs
Programmable machine which does set the pleats and sew with 2-needles needle distance 32 mm.