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■ MOTOR   The Motor is an originally developed Motor. It assures a Smooth Cutting Operation   with Excellent Cutting Power and Low Motor Temperature.   ■ AUTOMATIC OIL LUBRICATION DEVICE   Oil can be supplied Automatically from Oil Reservoir to the Guide Metals and Cross   Head. And the Internal oil Guard keeps other Interior parts clean. ■ AUTOMATIC SHARPENING DEVICE   There is an Abrasive Belt Sharpening device. Just press down the Sharpening   lever, a
FEATURES   ■ DIE - CAST HOUSINGS   Adoption of full Die-Cast Housings ensures Lighter Weight and Easier   Operation.   ■ SAGETY DEVICES   Safety Devices on Switch Mechanism and on Pulley assure Perfect   Insulation and Safety to Operate.    ■ SHARPENNIG DEVICE   Knife sharpenning device worlks automatically by lightly pressing down the   Sharpenner leve. Two abrasive belts of heavy duty backing, rotating in   Different Directions, maintain c
FEATURES   ■Lower Blade Mechanism and Octagon Shaped Circular Knife   "OCTA" gives you a really Beautiful cut ; the achievement of the   octagon Knife and the Carbide tipped and Spring loaded Lower Blade   prevents a Single piece Clogging of the Knife or coming in contact   with the Machine Parts. ■ Extra Thin Base Plate   An Exclusive Extra Thin Base Plate guarantees a precision and a Smooth   Cutting by Non-Slipping out of the works.   ■ Hight Power
FEATURE   ■ Precision Designing, Machining and perfect quality control ensure good   Balance of work Hence safety to the Operators.   ■ Lighter Weight by adoption of Die-Cast Housings permit the good skilled   Operation even to those very Unexperienced.   ■ KM's modern techniques and know-how for manufacturing each part of   the Machine ensure Longer Life and Uniformity of Parts. ■ The patented _Automatic Knife Grinding System allows the quicker and   eas