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Auto Pneumatic Collar Machine (OP-565III) Application For the collar trimming, turning, and pressing in one machine. Advantage This new R&D OP-565III includes the trimming and turning, pressing in one machine automatically, and reduce the operator¡¦s fatigue. Auto feeding and collecting device, which ensures the high productivity and high efficiency. Its special pressing moulds which can be changed to fit different kinds of collar turning to sharp and smart. Its 2 steps-pressing option,
MINI OPEN-SIDE FUSING PRESS MACHINE Application For the interlining and fabrics fusing. Features: Compact type that can be moved easily to any places. Side-open style: Fit for the bigger fabrics and various sizes. Rotary Strip-off device for strengthening the stripping off function and avoid transforming of the finished fabrics. Equipped with the super linear guide belt to prevent the belt from warping, and extend the duration of the belt. Equipped with the special-designed pressure mech