Electronic Direct Drive Lockstitch Button Sewer (Short remaining thread spec.)

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・Prouctivity Improvement by World’s Top-class Sewing Speed and IoT
・Reduction of disposition of threads ends (short remaining thread)
・Beautiful and Highly-reproducible Sewing Quality by Digital Tension
・Set Button Smoothly
・Superior Usability as Everyone can Use Easily and Reliability
・Clean Sewing with Semi-dry Type


Beautiful sewing quality

64 sewing patterns have already been set and can be selected. It’s capable of various fine sewing patterns as well.



Set button smoothly

Renewed button clamp enables to set a button more smoothly



Thread Tension can be Set as Numerical Value by Digital Tension

You can adjust the tension appropriately for the material being sewn without relying on individual feel. It provides higher production management and sewing reproducibility.

User- intuitive Color LCD with Touch Panel

Equipped the Color LCD with touch panel that indicates display items with illustration icons, offering use-intuitive operation. It is very easy to set the cycle program, along with sewing patterns, sewing speed, and magnification. The upper thread tension can be stored easily as user programs.

Application Button attaching
Lubrication Semi-dry
Max. sewing speed 2,800sti/min
Max. sewing area Max.6.4×6.4mm
Dimensions of buttons that can be sewn Outer diameter of buttons 8-30mm*1
Stitch length 0.05~6.4mm
Feed mechanism Y-θintermittent feed mechanism (pulse-motor driven mechanism)
No. of stitches Variable (Refer to “Program List” for details on the number of stitches for sewing patterns that are already preset)
Max.No. of stitches 5,000 stitches/pattern
Work clamp lifter Pulse motor drive system
Work clamp height / Button clamp height Max. 13mm
Rotary hook Shuttle hook (double shuttle hook, optional)
Digital tension Standard equipment
Thread wiper Standard equipment
Thread trimmer Standard equipment
Thread nipper Standard equipment
Data storage method Internal flash memory (Data addition is available with external memory)
No. of cycle programs 30 cycle (50 programs for each cycle)
No. of stored data 64 sewing patterns are set already
(up to 512 patterns can be added. Total number of stitches of stored data which can be added is within 500,000*2)
Motor AC servo motor 550W (Direct Drive)
Weight Machine head: Approx. 57kg, Operation panel: Approx. 0.4kg, Control box: Approx. 9kg
Power supply Single-phase 100V/200V, 3 phase 220V/380V/400V 400VA (For single-phase 100V and 3-phase 380V/400V, the trans box is require


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