The KS-AU, Straight Knife Cloth Cutting Machine with Automatic Abrasive Belts Sharpener, is the most popular cutting machine in the garment industry.

Cuts all types of fabrics regardless of how thick or thin they are.

  •  Motor
    An in-house designed motor ensures maximum smoothness in cutting operations all while maintaining power and low motor temperatures.
  • Automatic oil lubrication device                                                             Oil is automatically be supplied for the reservoir to the guide metals and crossheads while inner oil guards protect the rest of the interior.


  • Automatic sharpening device                                                                 Features and abrasive sharpening belt. Simply press down on the sharpening lever and the blade will automatically be sharpened to the optimal blade edge.


  • Standard blades
    Thin and flat standards make for low cutting resistance. Larger blades allow for a smooth cutting motion.
  • Base Plate                                                                                                Low and smooth base plate for easy surface travel.


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