Button machine with automatic lifting of the work clamp foot

(max. lift 13mm).

The device has built-in LED lighting with a six-degree adjustment scale. The button machine has a direct drive, which reduces energy consumption, enables faster machine startup and ensures the accuracy of the device. Intuitive control panel, with voice messages informing eg about the productivity of the button machine, allows for quick changes in sewing parameters, save settings or assigning as many as 25 patterns to buttons. The memory of the sewing machine allows you to store 99 different sewing cycles. Data management and software updates are carried out via the USB port.


  • Application: standard
  • Direct-drive
  • Lubrication: semi-dry
  • Button size: Round-shaped, flat button (2-holed, 4-holed), φ8~φ32mm/301: φ8~φ20/302: φ10~φ20/option φ15~φ32
  • Max. sewing speed: 2700spm
  • Stitch length: 0.1-10mm(0.1mm step)
  • Needle bar stroke: 45.7mm
  • Lift of the work clamp: 13mm
  • Machine memory: max. 20000 stitches/50 patterns (standard patterns)/Number of patterns that can be input: 200
  • Power requirement: 200-240V
  • Needle system: DP×17(#14)


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