Enhance your product through embroidery. Machines with excellent durability offered by high quality embroidery demanded by top brand names.
Capable of professional quality finish using 8 colors.
Easy touch panel operation
TAJIMA WRITER lettering and editing software

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Tajima Sai MDP-S0801C (200×300) S, 8 color 1 Head Embroidery Machine.

After many years of promise the world’s best embroidery machine brand, Tajima, has delivered a light industrial model to compete on the world stage which can be used by any beginner operator. With a very compact form factor, this machine is perfect for the home or a small business such as an alteration shop with limited space.

Supplied with:

1 x Tajima Sai 8 needle sewing machine

1 x Tajima Plus Writer software

1 x Frame 100x100mm

1 x Frame 300x200mm

1 x Cap Frame Unit

1 x Bobbin winder

Factory Options:

  • Round frame Ø 90mm
  • Round frame Ø 120mm
  • Round frame Ø 150mm
  • Round frame Ø 180mm
  • M Frame – set of 3 magnetic frames (80×140,40×80,40×50)
  • Pocket Frame
  • Sock Frame
  • Cap Gauge
  • Stand


Needles 8
Sewing Speed Max Speed 800 Stiches / min
Weight 37 Kg
Power consumption 100W
Voltage Rating AC 100-120v , 200-240v (50/60Hz)

UL Specification only 120v.


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