Magnetic induction metal detector

Detects broken needles and other foreign metal pieces, left in the clothes during the production process. Indispensable for producers of children’s clothes and toys.

Recommended for medicine industry, food industry and sanitary material industry.

Very high sensibility and stable detecting capability [detects up to 0.8 mm needle pieces, like broken tips].

Precisely locates the position of the detected element.

Machine indicates presence of magnetic metal pieces, as well as pieces with admixture of non-magnetic materials such as copper, aluminum, zinc, paper, rubber, chemical agents. The machine is highly resistant to the outer surrounding interference.

After metal piece is detected, the transportation belt is stopped and the rejected piece is reversed, at the same time the sound and optical alarm are activated.

Equipped with 10 individually adjusted detecting modules.

The sensibility level can be smoothly controlled, according to different attachments such as buttons, zippers and other accessories of clothes.

Detection width 600mm [belt width 600mm], detection height 100mm, belt speed up to 32mts/min. Power 230V.

Devices with different gate heights (CM) and detection sensitivity (mm) are available, on individual order:
15CM – 1,0mm
20CM – 1,5mm
25CM – 2,0mm
30CM – 2,5mm


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