OP 450GS


Mini Open-Side Fusing Press Machine OP-450GS



  • For the interlining and fabrics fusing.


  • Compact type that can be moved easily to any places.
  • Side-open style: Fit for the bigger fabrics and various sizes.
  • Rotary Strip-off device for strengthening the stripping off function and avoid transforming of the finished fabrics.
  • Equipped with the super linear guide belt to prevent the belt from warping, and extend the duration of the belt.
  • Equipped with the special-designed pressure mechanism to ensure the maximum pressure strength up to 1kg/㎝².
  • Electronic thermostat and the special-made heating equipment minimize the temperature differences.
  • Use the excellent heatproof Teflon belt. This patented Teflon Belt is easy of maintenance and clean.
  • Powerful ventilate fan to lower the temperature of electronic components from damaging.
  • OP-450GSL and OP-520GSL: L series is the longer bottom belt for more efficient work.

* Caution:

  • As some of molds are sharp, please use molds carefully, to prevent damaging the Teflon belt.
  • Do not put any sharpening or hard materials in the machine.


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