Model for embroiders that supports options such as sequin device and coding device

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Tajima TFMX-C Series has a body structure that secures a wide working space and emphasizes workability. It is also a model for embroiders that supports options such as sequin device and coding devices.

Sequin Device IV

Sequins in diameter of 2 – 22mm are applicable. And, stable operation at a maximum speed of 1,000 rpm.

Border Frame

Border frame can be used, when embroidering the product as a cut piece, or when making large numbers of patches. It is also suitable for curtains, bedding and pillows. It is also an advantage that the full embroidery range (450 x 520mm) of TFMX-C can be utilized to the maximum.

Removable work table

A work table that supports the weight of the product and can be used as a workbench. The position of the table can be adjusted in two levels. When embroidering T-shirts and caps, it can be used in the lower position, and when using border frame (option), it can be used in the higher position.

Factory Options:

  • Sequin Device III Twin Type
  • Sequin Device IV
  • Position Marker
  • Lochrose Embroidery Device
  • LED Light
  • Beam Sensor
  • EMB. Lame Attachment
  • Under Thread Winder
  • High-Speed Cording Device
  • Boring Device II
  • EMB. Lame Attachement
  • Under Thread Winder

Frame Options:

  • Tubular Frame (550mm×595mm)
  • Cap Frame 2  (75mm×360mm)
  • Border Frame (550mm×600mm
  • Sock Frame (50mm×30mm)
  • Air Type Clamp Frame 2 (80mm×120mm, 110mm×140mm,
  • Air Type Pocket Frame 2 (82mm×30-258mm)
  • Pocket Frame  (100mm×75mm, 65mm×100mm)
  • M- Frame
Model Needles Embroidery space(D×W)
Border Frame Wide Cap Frame Semi Wide Cap Frame Tubular Frame Cylinder Frame Pocket Frame
TFMX-C 6 9 12 15 450×520 75×360 83×180 439×419 170×60 100/75×140 65×100 100×75



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