Tajima TMBR-SC series is a high-spec model equipped with Digitally Controlled Presser Foot “DCP”

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Tajima TMBR-SC series is a high-spec model equipped with Digitally Controlled Presser Foot “DCP” on TMBP-SC series. DCP is a function that stabilizes embroidery by minimizing the “fluttering” of fabrics that occur during embroidery, such as thick fabric, leather, and sewing folds. It also supports Multi Coding Device using DCP.

Tajima’s First 18 Color Model

It can reduce the number of thread replacements by having 18 color possibilities in advance. It also gives you a wide range of expression by color graduation and thread combination.

Digitally Controlled Presser Foot

The DCP can reduce fabric fluttering that occurs during embroidery.
It is especially effective when working thick fabric, very thin fabric, and folds of material.
“Fluttering” occurs when the material is lifted up during embroidery which causes skipped stitches, miss-trimming, and reduced quality stitching.

Multi Cording Device 2 (Optional)

Automatic color change 6-color coding device. Digitally Controlled Presser Foot “DCP” holds the material accurately with the appropriate force and timing.

Embroidery position adjustment function

This function aligns the embroidery line with the products. If the tilt appears after framing, you can correct it by changing the tilt of the embroidery on the control panel. This is especially useful when embroidering finished products.

Advanced settings according to the embroidery

With Digitally Controlled Presser Foot “DCP”, the height of the presser foot can be adjusted on the operation panel according to the thickness of the fabric. the height of the presser foot can be set on embroidery design data using Tajima DG by Pulse which is recommended by Tajima. DCP is effective for leather that is difficult to embroider, delicate silk, quilted fabric, and 3D foam

Factory Options:

  • Seeds Beads Device
  • Sequin Device IV
  • Position Marker
  • Lochrose Embroidery Device
  • LED Light
  • Beam Sensor
Needles 6,12,15,18
Revolution Max.1,200rpm
Embroidery space(Tubular Frame) 360㎜ × 500㎜
Embroidery space (Cap Frame) 75㎜ × 500㎜
Weight 95kg
Power consumption 160W
Power supply Single-phase 100-120V,200-240V 50Hz/60Hz


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