Electronics Multi Head Automatic Embroidery Machine

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Tajima’s answer to all your embroidery needs, quality and productivity brought to all forms of embroidery.
AC servo motor with excellent energy efficiency. Adopted as the Main Shaft Motor, it is directly connected to the needle penetration force, and the output of the embroidery frame, improving the drive motor.

Upgraded Touch Panel Operation


Direct Command switches

Various operation switches and multi-color LEDs are located on the each tension base. Since all of the main functions of the operation panel can be manipulated in front of each head, the working efficiency of operators has been improved. Commonly used functions may be assigned to the custom switches.


Model Needles Multicolor
Head interval
TMCS-V0912F(550×360)S 9 12 360S
TMCS-V0912F(680×360)S 9 12 360S
TMCS-V0915F(680×400)S 9 15 400S
TMCS-V0920F(550×330)S 9 20 330S
TMCS-V0920F(680×330)S 9 20 330S


  • Revolution:Max.1,000rpm
  • Power consumption:1.0kw
  • Power supply:3-phase 200-240V / 380 / 415 50Hz/60Hz   Single-phase 200-240V 50Hz/60Hz


Factory Options:

  • Sequin Device IV
  • Smart Bobbin Changer
  • Position Marker
  • Boring Device II


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