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Star Sewing Machine Trading LLC are the industrial leaders in the field of Garment Machinery supply in the UAE and the MENA region. For 53 Years, the company has established itself as the prominent supplier of sewing machines in the international market for top brands like Tajima, Toyota, Yamato, Brother, Durkopp Adler, Rotondi, Lectra, Kansai Special, Kingtex and SEIT Laser Cutting Machines.

Having built an unparalleled infrastructure for storage, sales, and distribution backed by prompt after-sales service, Star Sewing Machine Trading today is a leading company in its field thanks to a foundation based on the quality of machines it supplies and the excellent customer service it delivers.

Corporate History

Star Sewing Machine Trading Co. LLC was established by Mr. Haji Usman Mohammed about 53 years back. Mr. Haji Usman Mohammed was an industrialist, and visionary, backed up by strong administrative and interpersonal skills. The foundation of Star Sewing Machine Trading Co. LLC is laid by him with his strong views and understanding of the UAE cultural settings and high regard to business ethics and the vision to work toward building an industry known for its integrity and reliability.


Star Sewing Machine Trading’s mission is to maintain and earn high trust and loyalty from the customers and nurture them through the integration of people, machines, technology, and business systems. Perfect watches.me.


To maintain an industry-leading position in the Sewing Machines Supply, expand globally as one of the most sought-after companies for anything and everything related to Sewing Machines, Garments Production, and related services.

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