Aeronautic Industry Sewing Machines

Aeronuatic Industry

Aircraft interiors, Aircraft Seats, Carpets use very rigid fireproof synthetic composites. We offer the sewing machines for the aircraft interior, structure makers, and seat manufacturers which functions at an optimum balance, reduced vibration and noise. We also provide machines capable of making the impact tolerant composite aircraft wing components which are lighter and cheaper than the aluminum. The sewing machines we provide have the capacity to stitch on very complex and curved surfaces and the automated robotic process of the sewing machines makes the overall production process of aircraft interiors and structures faster, simpler and more economical.

Also it is important that the threads used for the manufacturing of seats and aircraft interiors has to be strong, abrasion resistive, soft and made of supple construction. Star Sewing Machine Trading also provide the sewing threads in a range of fiber types and finishes, each designed to meet particular customer needs.

Machines Used for The Production of These Products

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