Technical Textile Machines

Technical Textile Industry

Star Sewing Machines Trading supply the machines which are used for the production of the critical to flame-retardant clothing that are capable of withstanding high temperatures when in contact with fire and heat. The technical textile machines offered by Star Sewing Trading are used in production factories for flame retardant protective clothing, work wear, Handbags manufacturing, Book binding/photo albums, Mask manufacturers, Sports goods manufacturing, Life boats/life rafts manufacturers, Camouflage tents manufacturing, Suitcase manufacturing, Safety Equipment manufacturers, Lace manufacturing and blankets.

The sewing machines supplied by Star Sewing machines fits to the requirements of the technical industries and the applications which falls under various categories such as:

  • Protech (protective textiles)Agrotech (Agro-textiles)
  • Mobiltech (Automotive and aerospace textiles)
  • Buildtech (Construction Textiles)
  • Clothtech (Clothing Textiles)
  • Hometech (Domestic Textiles)
  • Geotech (Geo-textiles)
  • Indutech (Industrial Textiles)
  • Mobiltech (Textiles used in transport)
  • Oekotech or Ecotech (Environmentally friendly textiles)
  • Packtech (Packaging textiles)
  • Sporttech (Sports textiles)


Machines Used for The Production of These Products

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