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Apparels Industry

Star Sewing Machine Trading offers the diverse range of sophisticated and robust machines which cater the requirements of the manufacturing departments of medium and large garment production factories. You can find with us the entire range of machines which fits exactly to the entire process of factory production like cutting, sewing up to the printing and packing of the finished product.

Whether the requirements is for special production facility for sportswear, men’s and ladies garments, undergarments, uniform manufacturers and specialized export garments we have the entire range of machines for the purpose and we give the consultancy to match the requirements of your factory.

For the fashion market, embroidery machines play a major role. The finish of the product should be high end, unique and perfect enough to attract the customers. We provide the single head and multi head machines from Tajima who are the industrial leading brand in the embroidery sector. We also provide the product mixes which are vital for the fashion industry that includes sewing machines, embroidery machines with software, stone fixing machines, sewing/embroidery threads to finishing machines.

Machines Used for The Production of These Products

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