Automotive Industry Sewing Machines

Automotive Industry

Star Sewing Machine Trading offers the spectrum of machines required for the production of the auto interiors. The upholstery-grade fabric has a heavy weight, much heavier than that used for other textile applications, such as clothing or tablecloths. The automotive upholstery are designed and manufactured with materials that withstand challenging conditions like abrasion, scuffing, sunlight, flexing and wear over a car’s lifetime.

The sewing machines we provide are strong, affordable,  built to last and have the capability to stitch the upholstery on various ranges of materials like leather, canvas, vinyl and carpet. The upholstery Machines are available in standard walking foot, long arms, zig-zag lockstitch, and double needle types and comply fully with the stipulations of automobile manufacturers for making safety-critical components like airbags, seatbelts and seats.

Machines Used for The Production of These Products

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