Sports Wear Sewing Machines

Sport ware Goods and Sports Wear

Star Sewing Machine Trading provides threads and zips that deliver superior waterproof, rot proof, high light fastness and UV resistance properties in a range of outdoor/camping and sports goods. Our sewing machines,threads and zips are ideal for manufacturing all sewn products like sails, tents, umbrellas, awnings and covers for use in a variety of outdoor pursuits.

The range of high performance threads are used to deliver safety in sewn components used in the manufacture of mountaineering, rock climbing, horse  riding, hang gliding, parasailing, bungee jumping and other extreme sports. Superior tensile strength and elongation characteristics, plus the ability to retain strength under prolonged exposure to natural elements are required for the threads used for the production process and we cater to the entire range of threads and sewing machines needed for the production of the outdoor and sportswear.

Machines Used for The Production of These Products

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